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Hi. We're Dr Nat and Leigh

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Natalie Challis

Hi! I'm Dr Natalie Challis

I became interested in children’s mental health when my son starting showing signs of anxiety. He was 4. Watching him struggle was the hardest and most distressing thing I’ve ever been through.

I remember the utter frustration of trying and failing, time and again, to get him the help he needed.

My gut told me it wasn’t his personality and I knew it had nothing to do with our parenting. Yet these were the reasons offered to me by multitudes of medical professionals.

Luckily I listened to my gut and successfully treated my child.

I’m now a neuro-psychotherapist who specialises in treating children with anxiety and other health concerns, mainly due to my personal experience.

What drives me? Mothers. I want to be an advocate for mothers experiencing the same distress and frustration I felt.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi! I'm Leigh Shinde

My story began after having my first child.

My health went into a deep decline.  I was overcome with fatigue, chronic digestive issues, allergies, chronic sinus infections, and brain fog.

My life long love affair with processed food finally caught up with me.

I bounced from Doctor to Doctor looking for answers. They gave me blood and stool tests, colonoscopies, the works. Everything came back normal and they kept telling me I’m fine.

But I didn’t feel fine. I started to question whether Doctors were looking in all the right places.

My sister, Dr Nat, taught me that chronic illness was the result of inflammation. Two weeks after tweaking my diet, I began to see results.

I became so fascinated by the connection between nutrition, the environment, and illness.

I’ve since completed a post graduate in human nutrition and nutritional environmental medicine.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing how powerful diet and natural supplementation are in the successful treatment of children who suffer so much, from anxiety and relatable symptoms.

That’s what drives me.

Leigh Shinde

Dr Nat & Leigh empowered me to support my daughter better

"Dr. Nat's process gave me such great insight into my 7-year old daughter's behaviour. I was so much more patient and able to support her better, because I understood her better.  Leigh's holistic knowledge of brain-body-gut nutrition not only helped our anxious child, but the whole family. They both have such a beautiful and caring approach."

- Denica Gibbs, Proud Mum. 


You know your child better than anyone.

It may sound revolutionary, but really it’s not.

Somewhere along our human path to “progress”, we’ve lost sight of how significant your intuition is in the health and wellbeing of your children.

Although we have a way to go, the good news is the medical industry is starting to take heed. Research studies show that success rates for treating children increase when mothers are involved in the prognoses. In other words, when Doctors listen to a mother’s insight, they make better judgements on how best to treat their child.

When we combine mother’s intuition with looking at the biology - the brain-body-gut connection, we uncover a very clear picture of what’s really going on inside a child suffering anxiety or depression.

Mother And Boy In Field

Reconnect with your intuition.

We believe you’re a warrior. We see how much you fight for your child. A fight so frustrating when you don’t have all the information, or when your dogged search to find clear answers leaves you broken.

We believe when you have the right information, and listen to your inner wisdom, you can give your child the very best support.

That’s what drives us.

Case Study: Meet Jack

Jack is a highly intelligent 17 year old. He was a straight A student until he reached year 11. He began to struggle with the demands of homework and extracurricular activities. Mental fatigue progressed to nausea, physical tremors and panic attacks. He couldn’t sleep. Despite being in counselling for some time, the symptoms continued to escalate. It got to the point where Jack no longer wanted to be here.

When we assessed him through a QEEG, his brain showed excessive levels of high beta activity. This type of over activity leads to sleep onset delay, inability to let go of thoughts, increased worry, and an inability to focus.

Jack was driven. He’d been using adrenaline to stay at the peak of his performance for a long time. This ultimately led to extreme fatigue and burnout, and the onset of his subsequent anxiety and depression.

We could also see he had sympathetic dominance. In other words, his body was in constant fight/flight mode.

The treatment

Jack was prescribed plenty of rest, specifically targeted exercises to correct his body’s sympathetic (flight/flight) response, a gut repair protocol, and supplements to support his adrenals.

Jack’s anxiety was the first symptom to improve. He began to notice a subtle difference quite quickly.

“I felt in control of my life for the first time.”

Jack’s energy levels are now back to normal. He’s a fully functioning, high achieving, and happy kid, once again.

Having real understanding and direction, and seeing their boy come back to life again, was a huge relief for Jack’s parents. They felt like they could breathe out for the first time in a long time.

“We want to make a real change, to the disheartening rise in children who suffer from anxiety, and to despairing mothers everywhere.”

Dr. Nat And Leigh creators of the anxious child program

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Dr Natalie Challis B.Bus (HRM/Psych), D(Couns), QEEGD, MISNR, MACA, MANSA

Dr Challis is a specialist in children’s brain health. She is a Board-Certified Diplomate in QEEG - the highest qualification level achievable globally in her field.

As a Psychotherapist specialising in Neurobiology, Dr Challis has QEEG mapped 1000’s of children, allowing parents the unique experience of seeing into their child’s brain. This view helps parents to understand the neurological reasons why their child experiences fear, anxiety and avoidance.

She has helped parents discover powerful solutions, resulting in their child feeling more self-confident, more socially confident, and more success centred.  What she is most passionate about is re-establishing a peaceful home environment, and restoring the joy and love of the mother-child connection.

Book a one hour session with Dr Natalie - US$250

Leigh Shinde B.Sc. Grad. Dip Human Nutrition, ACNEM

Leigh is a children’s Neuro-Nutrition Expert. She holds a Bachelor of Science with postgraduates in both Human Nutrition, and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

As a Neuro-Nutritionist she investigates how food, additives, nutritional deficiencies, gut health and genetics can impact on your child’s neurological and physiological development.

After seeing the benefits that diet and natural supplementation can have on anxiety in 1000’s of children within our clinic she is motivated and passionate about sharing this knowledge to mothers of children with anxiety across the world.

Book a one hour session with Leigh - US$175

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