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Teenager Burnout Blog Post By Leigh Shinde Of Love Your Beautiful Brain

Teenager Burnout – The legacy of Gen X

By Leigh Shinde / October 31, 2019

Mental health and teenager burnout I am really starting to question what we, as a society, are doing to our…

The Complex Child And Anxiety A Particle By Leigh Shinde Neuro Nutritionist

Your beautifully complex child

By Leigh Shinde / September 28, 2019

The beautifully complex child and anxiety As a mother of a complex child, when you are told by the experts…

Inflammatory Trigger Blog Post By Leigh Shinde For Anxious Child Program With Image Of Wheat A Common Trigger For Inflammation

Inflammatory Trigger

By Leigh Shinde / August 14, 2019

What is your inflammatory trigger? When I explain the gut-brain connection to our lovely parents, it’s always a light bulb…

Msg Picture

Can MSG Cause Anxiety?

By Leigh Shinde / June 27, 2019

Food and Mood Here’s a little storey about the effect food has on mood, right down to the neurotransmitters! Last…

Think Outside The Box

The Anxiety Box

By Leigh Shinde / May 19, 2019

The Anxiety Box Does your beautiful child have anxiety? Have you ever noticed that once your child is labelled with…